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The following list is probably not complete, but should contain most of the works that Daan Vandewalle has played in concert so far. The list also contains the pieces that have been planned in the very near future. First world performances are abbreviated as W.P.+ the year of creation; national first performance as F.P. + an abbreviation of the country or city.

It is important to know that this is a list of the pieces already played, the actual repertoire is obviously larger... Feel free to inquire...



There we go...

De Alvear, Maria De Puro Amor
En Amor Duro
2 minutes (W.P., Bratislava, 2004)
Urbaum (W.P., Cologne)
Anderson, Beth Net work (F.P. bel; recorded radio Belgium)
Bach, Johann Sebastian C minor concerto for 2 pianos
Bach-Busoni Chaconne d-minor (live radio Belgium)
Choralvorspiel "Durch Adam's Fall ist ganz verderbt"
Bakla, PetrMelodies and accompaniment
(w.p. Ostrava days festival 2011)
Barlow, ClarenceCogluotobusisletmesi
(F.P. bel and Holland (?); rec radio bel)
Bartok, Bela Im Freien
Rumanische Kolinde
Beethoven, Ludwig Sonaten op 22,op. 27. no 1,op. 27 no.2 'Mondschein' op.28
Adagio from Hammerklavier Op. 106
(live radio bel)
Beethoven-Liszt 9th symphony (for 2 pianos) (with Geoffrey Madge)
Bellamy, Mary Celestine
Berg, Alban Sonate op. 1
Berio, Luciano Rounds
Sequenza IV
Blake, Michael Sonata ('choral') (W.P. 2008 Ghent)
Boulez, Pierre Structures (2 pianos)
Brewaeys, Luc Fred's Hallucination
Brahms, Johannes Balladen op. 10
Rhapsodien op. 79
Intermezzi op. 117
Bruckner, Anton Symphony 3, Mahler Transscription 4hands
Busoni, Ferrucio Indianisches Tagebuch
Fantasia Contrapuntistica (for 2 pianos)
Buckinx, Boudewijn De vrolijke avonturen van Boduognat
Vele Groetjes
Weltschmerz (W.P. 1994, gent, bel)
V.Z.W. (W.P. 1997, Leuven, bel))
Adagio(the famous one of course) (F.P. Kiel, ger)
Per C (F.P. Kiel, ger)
Codex Gandensis (W.P. 2003, gent,bel)
Solo-sonatas from the 1001 sonatas for violin and piano
(the entire 22 hour long cycle was recorded in 2000-2002 by Paul Klink and Daan Vandewalle)
Cage,John 2 pieces
Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano
Dream (live radio bel)
Music of Changes (live radio bel)
Music for Marcel Duchamp
Concerto for piano
Cheap Imitation
Cardew, Cornelius Volo Solo (live radio bel)
Thalmann Variations (rec radio HR, ger)
Carter, ElliotNight phantasies
Dialogues for piano and orchestra
Chopin, Frederic Etudes Op.10 (integral)
Etudes Op. 25 (integral)
3 etudes posthumes
Polonaise Op.53
Corghi, Azio Chansons d'elite
Cowell, Henry The tides of Manaunaun
Curran, Alvin For Cornelius (rec radio HR, ger) (live radio bel)
Inner Cities 1-11,5 (W.P.)
(the first integral performance took place in Nantes,France in 2003; in this performance Inner Cities 4;5;7point 5,10 and 11 were actually played in world premiere; the entire cycle was recorded for the first time at HR in 2002-2003; first recording bel)
Inner Cities 12 (W.P. Brussels, Festival of Flanders, Bozar september 2005)
11 schtetl variations
(F.P. bel; rec radio bel)
E poi (F.P. Groningen, NL, 2008)
Debussy, Claude Estampes
D'Haene, Frederic Musik Für Lara
(W.P. 1993, Kiel ger) (rec radio bel)
Dufourt, Hugues An Schwager Kronos (F.P. italy)
Donskoy, Liliane Dédale des songes
(W.P. Ghent ipem nov 2005)
Feldman, Morton 3 Pieces
Triadic Memories
Finnissey, Michael Gershwin arrangements
Forte, NanaA broken car
Frith,Fred 7 circles (F.P 1995, Gent, bel)
Godinho, JoaoFogo Posto (W.P. 2011, Granada festival)
Goeyvaerts, Karel Pas a pas
Litanie no.1 (live tel RAI 3)
Sonate op.1 (for 2 pianos)
Grella-Mozejko, PiotrNach(t)gejagd 3d piano sonata
(W.P. 2005, Winnipeg)
Harder, Hauke Star No. 74 (W.P. 2002, Deinze)
Like Bells, Painted Bells
(W.P. 2004, Bratislava)
Koolmees en Pimpelmees
Hoffman, Elizabeth O.A. (W.P. 2001, New York) (recording released 2003)
Ives, Charles Sonata no.1 (live radio rec bel)
Sonata no.2 (Concord ,Mass., 1940-1860)(rec released 1996)
(live radio bel)
Study no.5
Study no. 9 'the anti-abolitionist riots' (released 1996)
Some South-Paw pitching
Study no 21 'twenty-one' (rel 1996)
Study no. 23 (rel 1996)
3 Quarter-tone Pieces (2 pianos)
3-page sonata
Kemp, Nikki Tango Turmoil (W.P. 1998, Gent, bel)
Komorous, Rudolf Wu
Ligeti, Gyorgy Piano concerto
Study no.5 'Arc-en-ciel' (live radio bel)
Etude nr 13 l escalier du diable
Lindberg, Magnus Twine
Liszt, FranzAm Grabe Richard Wagner's
LA Lugubre Gondola
Mefistowalzer Bagatelle sans tonalité
En Reve
RW Venezia
Lutoslawski, WitoldPiano concerto
Matthews, MichaelPreludes
Messiaen, Olivier Canteyodjaya
Catalogues d'oiseaux
Visions de l'Amen
20 regards sur l'enfant Jesu
Monahan, GordonPiano Mechanics
Mozart,W.A.Fantaisie c-moll (live radio bel)
Sonata for 2 pianos
Mozetich, Marjan3 pieces (radio live rec bel, F.P. bel)
Mumma, Gordonintegrale including Six Pack sonatas, Suite for Piano, Large size mograph,Songs without words, Sushi Box etc
Mussorgsky, ModestPictures at an exhibition (live radio bel)
Various small character pieces
Newman, ChrisFirst piano sonata (W.P. 2003, Gent, bel)
Nuyts, FrankRule-of-thumbs-sonata
(W.P. 2000, Antwerp)
Prokofieff, SergeiSonata no.7 (live radio bel)
Old Grandmother's tales
Riehm, RolfWer sind diese Kinder for piano orchestra (F.R. 2011, Czech republic)
Rzewski, FredericThe people united will never be defeated
The Road (part1+2) (W.P.1996, Gent)
De Profundis
3 pieces 2011
Sabat, Marc To Damascus
Eudaimonia (composed with Stefan Bartling)
Artificial music for machines
4 piano inventions
2 piano studies
Satie, Eric Gymnopedies
Scelsi, Giacinto Suite No.8 Bot-Ba
Schnittke, AlfredSonata 1, Sonata 2
5 Aphorisms
Schonberg, Arnold 3 Klavierstuecke op. 11
6 Kleine Klavierstueke op.19
5 Klavierstuecke opus 23
Suite op. 25
Klavierstück opus 33 A and B
Schubert, Franz Sechs Moments Musicaux
Schumann, Robert Novellette Op.11 no.2
Scriabine, Alexander Sonata no 9 Black Mass
Smetryns, ThomasOn the nature of program music (W.P. 2011, Granada)
Sorabji, Kaikhosru Opus Clavicembalisticum
104 aphorisms
(W.P. march 2005, Gent, Bijloke)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz Klavierstueck no.7
Klavierstück 13 'Luzifer's Traum'
Klavierstuck 1, 2, 3 and 4
Strawinsky,Igor Tango
Piano-Rag Music
Les cinq doigts
Valse pour les enfants
3 mouvements de Pétrouchka
Serenade in A
Concerto for 2 pianos
Sonata for 2 pianos
Ustvolskaya, Galina Sonata no 5
Trunk, Markus Leaflet (W.P. 1994, Kiel, ger)
Webern, Anton Variationen op. 27
Wolff, Christian Preludes
Piano miscellany (W.P. 2008, Brno)
Zorn, John Carny
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